Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Friendly announcement for All Together Now, a multimedia event [May 27, 9 PM - Lily Pad, Cambridge]

Our friend organization, All Together Now, has confirmed its 5th installment (ATN #5) of multimedia events on Saturday, May 27 at 9pm at the Lily Pad in Cambridge! ATN is a multidisciplinary event series that makes space for women, people of color, and LGBT performers in partnership with allies; and combines performances from Boston and NYC in Boston to enhance the artistic dialogue and help artists build connections. This time, the show features a Boston-based Korean artist Poor Eliza (Jane Park) as part of the act.

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ATN #5 will be an engaging mix of music, magic, video, and performance art! Artists for ATN #5 include Jenee Halstead and Mark Lipman a performance duo of music, storytelling, and expressive movement; Zayde Buti, video and performance artist; street magician Just Felice; and emotive, rock band Poor Eliza (Jane Park). Tickets and more information about the artists can be found at

One major goal for this event series is to compensate artists for their work. Says Artistic Director Anna Rae, “Our society consistently devalues and underpays artists, while simultaneously relying on artists for meaning, reflection, entertainment, insight, comfort, and rich ideological and experiential spaces.” This year ATN was awarded the Live Arts Boston Grant from the Boston Foundation, which plays a critical role in “being able to support artists in creating and presenting their work.”

All Together Now, installments 6, 7, and 8 will be presented in the fall.

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Mark Lipman and Jenee Halstead have been sharing the stage for years as singing partners on each other's original music. The idea of collaborating on a project together had been floating around for a couple of years, and they're bringing it to life in a set that will combine story-telling, song, and elements of expressive movement. Together they are exploring the worlds of activism, desire, queer identity, the wounded healer and what it means to be an artists and a human in a world that want to commodify and control the human experience.

Zayde Buti is a performance artist and musician who writes, produces and performs weird art music. He also produces and performs in even weirder music videos. Zayde has performed live in venues across New England and has made street performances throughout the Boston area. 

Felice Ling: if she looks familiar, you might have seen her working on the streets of Harvard Square. Occasionally funny, often awkward, and always astonishing, she has performed in Memphis, Chicago, and Cambridge. Before she was a street performer, though, she was a magician performing in her family living room nearly every Thanksgiving for fifteen years. She's not flashy, she's not snazzy - she's Just Felice.

Poor Eliza (Jane Park) is a Boston songwriter who loves to explore themes from her Tennessee upbringing with the sounds and rhythms of alt-country and indie-rock. She has played all over the Boston area, and is excited to try new things and meet more artists! Her latest self-released title “Ghost Town” is the tale of a townie who never leaves their hometown.

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