Monday, February 26, 2018

Congratulations to GaPi on their nomination for The Korean Popular Music Awards!

Congratulations to Do Yeon Kim and Chase Morrin, who have performed in KACF concerts since 2017. The duo performs under the name GaPi which derives from Ga(yaguem) and Pi(ano) of which Do Yeon and Chase are young masters. The groups first album that was produced in Korea through the prestigious CJ Culture Foundation’s support, has recently been nominated as the best album in the Jazz/Crossover category for the Korean Popular Music Awards (the Korean equiv. to the Grammys according to the media). The album contains several pieces that were introduced to KACF audience during the Elegy for the Fallen (2017) and Spring Awakening (2018) concerts. Here are videos that captured the exciting performance at the time:


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